★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Henry Spencer is considered one of the great talents of the British jazz scene.
His great talent lies in his emotive, fluid and poetic sonority, which is drawing a high level of recognition...
Listen to Spencer's genius on this disc."

InMusic (Germany) Review of The Reasons Don't Change (Original German Review Here)

"Spectacular" - The Guardian

★ ★ ★ ★ "Contender for Album of the Year."  
- Full All About Jazz Review of The Reasons Don't Change 

Winner of Emerging Excellence Award 2014 (HMUK)      
Winner of Best Newcomer Award at Marlborough Jazz Festival 

"Spencer is never less than outstanding.... One thing is for certain, if one were ever concerned about the current state of the British jazz scene, there is no reason to worry with music of this calibre. This is an outstanding release."
- Full UK Vibe Review of The Reasons Don't Change 

"The Reasons Don't Change is an ambitious venture and it's clear that Spencer is someone that demands to be heard. His fiery, soaring tone and succinct phrasing is balanced by his instinct for pure melody. An impressively bold opening statement from a trumpet newcomer who stands out from the crowd."
- JAZZWISE Review of The Reasons Don't Change

"A blend of masterful lyrical tones and contrasting textures and styles." - Jazz Thing (Germany)

"Up and coming talent Henry Spencer displays considerable technical prowess." - Concerto Magazine (Austria)

"Spencer possesses an astonishing technical facility as a trumpeter and he plays like a man possessed throughout the album, but
ultimately its his writing that impresses most of all on a series of pieces that embrace a wide stylistic and emotional range,
often within the confines of a single composition."

★ ★ ★ ★ - The Jazz Mann Review of The Reasons Don't Change 

"A début album that impresses with its ambition, scope and emotional and compositional maturity."  
★ ★ ★ ★ - The Jazz Mann Review of The Reasons Don't Change

"Fresh, joyful and simply beautiful... promises to become one of the highlights of the genre this year." - Musik an Sich (Germany)

'Henry Spencer's music has a unique focus and quality rarely experienced from others of his generation... Originals with real meaning'  
- Paul Pace, Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club  
‘Rising star, the phenomenal trumpeter Henry Spencer’  
- Sussex Jazz Magazine  
‘Spencer’s solo work is at the centre of everything, oozing heartache and sorrow’  
- JAZZWISE review of performance at Ronnie Scott’s  
‘Spencer has a gleaming tone and terrific control’  
‘If youth has an energy all its own, then Juncture could conceivably offer a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel suicide.’  
- JAZZWISE Magazine Review of performance at The Verdict  

‘the most exciting improvising and modern jazz writing that you'll find 
anywhere in the UK’  

- Barbican Jazz Club  
‘The feeling he squeezes from his trumpet is especially memorable.’  
- Ian Maund, Sandy Brown Jazz 

Recording the Album, ​The Reasons Don't Change with Multi-Grammy Award Winner Dave Darlington
Mixing Henry Spencer’s new album was the most fun I’ve had in a long time! His skillful compositions and colorful arrangements had me tipping back in my chair and just listening, soaking in the rich beauty of his soulful playing and the air tight grooves. Backed by a stellar ensemble and with the steady hand of co-producer Paul Whalley on the tiller, this project went smoothly from beginning to end. The proof is in the music!

Henry Spencer and Juncture at The Verdict, Brighton (December 2015) by Sussex Jazz Magazine 
Rounding off the year, trumpeter Henry Spencer brought his band Juncture, and the whole band participated in the workshop, giving a torrent of advice and positive feedback to the lucky attendees! Henry’s gig was outstanding, raising expectations for his debut release on Whirlwind records later in 2016.

Henry Spencer and Juncture at Ronnie Scott's (February 2015) JAZZWISE Magazine - Matthew Wright
There’s a whiff of the boyband sophomore about Henry Spencer’s fresh-faced presentation of his quintet Juncture, but there’s nothing immature about the tone of his trumpet and flugelhorn, tender, soulful and dangerously cracked round the edges. Spencer’s solo work is at the centre of everything, oozing heartache on ‘Remember Why’ and ‘Knocked Back, Knock Forward’, and sorrow on ‘Eulogy’, for his grandfather. Guitarist Nick Costley-White supports with some appealing melodic tracery on ‘The Survivor and Descendant’, while drummer David Ingamells balances the smoothness with neurotic rhythmic texture.   

Henry Spencer with Quadraceratops Album Review by Ian Maund
I want to mention in particular Henry Spencer’s brilliant trumpet solo that really moved me. The feeling he squeezes from his trumpet is, I think, especially memorable.

Henry Spencer and Juncture performance at Marlborough Jazz Festival 2011 - missgivans.co.uk 
'This was the most exciting band we saw. Experimental, modern and minimalist but engaging and listenable too, these were serious artists who were refreshing and absorbed in their music-making. Definitely one of the highlights of the weekend…Watch this space!'  
Henry Spencer and Juncture performance at the SE Collective - SE Collective 2013
‘Juncture is a fresh and exciting quintet performing original compositions from the pen of leader/trumpet player Henry Spencer. Drawing on influences from jazz, rock and minimalism, the ensemble creates an achingly contemporary sound world with a focus on emotional and creative expression. Having met whilst studying at the Guildhall School of Music, Juncture are able to draw upon years of playing together, resulting in a deep musical understanding and interaction between the musicians. This musical empathy, along with Henry’s fresh compositional approach led them to winning the Best Newcomer award at the Marlborough Jazz Festival following their debut performance.’
 Henry Spencer at the Guildhall Jazz Festival 2009 - Jack Massarik
‘…played with touching reverence. To trumpeter Henry Spencer, tenorist Alec Harper... it’s all history but remember their names. They are the future.’